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Osteopathic treatment
Osteopathy's holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain is the secret to its great success.  Our assessment and diagnostic systems look at the function of your body as a whole. Our hands on treatment addresses the muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves that relate to the cause of your pain.
Remedial Massage
The Osteopath works with a great team of Remedial Massage Therapists to give you a great treatment outcome. The Massage Therapists provide remedial massage in conjunction with the Osteopath and under his guidance. They also provide one hour and 30 minute Remedial Massages independently.
Exercise Prescription
Its our goal to provide you with the right knowledge and strategies to maintain your improved wellbeing.  Understanding which muscles to stretch and which muscles to strengthen is essential to ongoing wellbeing.  Exercise prescription is an integral part of our treatments.  We provide you with clear professionally designed exercise instructions which we email to you complete with video footage so you know you're doing them right.
Dry needling
Different from traditional acupuncture, dry needling uses sterile acupuncture needles to reduce irritability and improve function of entrapped nerves, spasmed muscles and inflamed tendons and ligaments.  This incredibly effective technique causes very little discomfort for the patient and the results are often amazing when used in conjunction with traditional osteopathic techniques.
Kineisiology taping
A highly effective specialised form of taping a world away from our conventional thoughts about taping.  The unique precut, elastic applications allow for better drainage of inflammation and improve muscle function in addition to inhibiting painful stimulus.  Theres a reason why elite sports men and women are using it with great results!
This technique uses a suction force created in small cup to draw tight tissue upward into the cup.  Blood flow in the selected region is increased and a stretch is applied to the surrounding tissue to facilitate better tissue condition and improved healing.
Nutritional Supplementation
Adequate nutrition is an integral part of any healing process. Our in-house Naturopath, Samantha Bass, provides an excellent naturopathic service that compliments the osteopathic treatment with natural anti-inflammatory strategies, nutritional suppliments and dietary advice if required.